Projects are activities with defined timelines, budgets and outcomes that create improvement in specific areas identified as important to the economic development of Belize.

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Description With grant funds amounting to Bz $3.4 million from the EU-Belize Rural Development Project II, the Belize Bureau of Standards will be installing a Metrology Laboratory. This facility once completed will host 5 basic measurements which include grand mass, fine mass, volume, temperature, pressure, and dimensional. Apart from the laboratories the facility will also accommodate for the administrative offices of the Bureau. The facility covering approximately 7,500 square feet will stand on 2.3 acres of land with a projected future expansion of 10 years.
Lead Ministry Ministry of Economic Development, Petroleum, Investment, Trade & Commerce
Status of Implementation Ongoing
Impact This new facility will provide an internationally recognized traceable calibration measurement system for Belize which will stand to benefit all sectors of the economy.
Description To prepare a national transport master plan for Belize that facilitates a better sector planning and a more efficient and effective transport of freight and people within Belize, and between Belize and its main trading partners. The plan will look at land, air and sea modes of transportation.

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Lead Ministry Office of the Prime Minister, Public-Private Desk
Status of Implementation Ongoing
Impact This plan will allow the Government of Belize to redesign the National Transport Network (NTN), applying a multimodal approach that will result in greater efficiency for transportation and Logistics.
Description With the support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), a Port study is being conducted to:
(i)           to produce an independent comparative analysis of the relative strengths and weaknesses of Belize’s three deep sea ports in terms of location, physical characteristics, economic costs and benefits and environmental impact;(ii)           on the basis of this analysis to recommend an investment strategy to meet Belize’s needs, including identification of the appropriate location and financing options that should be considered for expansion of facilities for handling bulk commodities.
Lead Ministry Office of the Prime Minister, Belize Infrastructure Ltd and Inter-American Development Bank.
Status of Implementation Ongoing
Impact  This study will enable GOB to make evidence based decisions about major port investments. In particular, it will need to determine the appropriate strategies for investments in the country’s three ports – Port of Belize, Big Creek Port, and Commerce Bight – and to determine what type of financing structures (including the various forms of Public-Private Partnerships, PPPs) might be appropriate for expansion of bulk handling facilities.

Public Service Investment Projects

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