Comprehensive National Transportation Master Plan (CNTMP)

What is the CNTMP?

We invite you to read and actively utilize the Transportation Master Plan components available here on the EDC website.

Comprehensive National Transportation Master Plan (CNTMP)

The Government of Belize, with technical assistance from the Inter-American Development Bank has undertaken the preparation of a Comprehensive National Transportation Master Plan.

The result of extensive coordination with key relevant public authorities and a broad cross-section of private-sector stakeholders, this Master Plan is intended to serve as a holistic reference guide for: policy design, short, medium and long-term investments on infrastructure, institutional strengthening and private-sector engagement on opportunities related to the promotion of a Belizean transport sector that contributes to sustainable economic and social development.


Objectives of the Comprehensive National Transportation Master Plan (CNTMP)

This Comprehensive National Transportation Master Plan (CNTMP) aims to:

  1. Promote economic growth by reducing costs to market for the private-sector thus facilitating domestic and international trade;
  2. Improve public mobility, access to markets, employment and social, health and leisure facilities;
  3. Contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation; and
  4. Ensure the financial, environmental and institutional sustainability of transport services.

The Medium & Long Term Action Plan and The Final CNTMP Report will be formally launched in February 2018.

CNTMP Reports

Base Line Analysis - April 2017

Base Line Report Analysis - April 2017

Short Term Action Plan - August 2017

Short Term Action Plan Report - August 2017

Demand and Scenarios - November 2017

Demand Forecast and Scenarios Modeling and Assessment Report - November 2017