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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Policy Tracking System?
An online database of Belize’s government policies and strategies. This database allows users to download all completed documents and to view all policies in progress. This information is very helpful in order to understand the Government of Belize’s direction for the development of an industry, a ministry and other activities.
Is this a comprehensive source for policies?
The database contains policies from all Ministries as early as 2004.
What is the data source?
Data is collected directly from the Ministry responsible for the policy. The Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry appoints a point person who uploads all updates on a quarterly basis.
How frequently are policies updated?
The database is updated on a quarterly basis.
How does the system contribute to the field of policy research and evaluation?
The database allows users to track the development and implementation of policies and strategies in order to have a better understanding of national development.
Who do I contact if I know a policy, which is not in the database, or if I have more specific questions or comments?
Please email us by using emailing edc.info@opm.gob.bz or call +5018285262.
Can I filter the search results?
Yes, you can find policies by Ministry, sector, and/or date.