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Belize’s Private Sector and Key Public Sector Stakeholders


Belize Civic center


1. Glynis Alexander-Tam: Digital Finance Possibilities
2. Linnar Viik: Estonia’s Digital Transformation

What is the Prime Minister's Business Forum?

The Prime Minister's Business Forum is a signature event organized by the Economic Development Council for providing the private-sector an audience with the Prime Minister to table and directly address business climate concerns and recommendations toward an improved service delivery by the government to the business community. It is an opportunity to encourage meaningful public-private dialogue for fostering mutual understanding with the objective of improving the ease of doing business in Belize. It is also an opportunity for showcasing public sector reforms and projects directly aimed at facilitating the private-sector's ability to grow. This year's forum focuses on embracing innovation and the potential for economic growth through digital transportation.

Topics to be discussed





Economic growth

Digital transformation


Guest Speakers

Glynis Alexander-Tam
Linnar Viik

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Business Forum press release
Forum Agenda
Prime Minister’s Key Note address- 2019 PM Business Forum
LINX Intro – Belize 2019
Biography: Glynis Alexander-Tam
Linnar Viik Belize 2019
Biography: Linnar Viik

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