Title: #planBelize Medium-Term Development Strategy 2022-2026

Donor(s)European Union, Caribbean Development Bank, Caribbean Community, Central American Bank for Economic Integration
Title#planBelize Medium-Term Development Strategy 2022-2026
Key WordsTransforming Belize to a more Inclusive and Sustainable country through Education, Innovation, Investment and Good Governance.
ExcerptThrough the work of Belize's 18 Ministries, the Medium-Term Development Strategy (MTDS) presents the programs and projects that will contribute to the efficient and effective delivery of #planBelize; the action agenda includes 271 programs or projects. The MTDS was created in-house with their proposed programs based on understanding the political commitments and the value of political will, identifying the real priorities and opportunities, designing their programs, and preparing their managers and directors to deliver on their newly crafted visions, missions, specific objectives, and principles. The programs and projects of the ministries reflect their commitment to a realistic assessment of what they can implement and deliver in the short and medium term. They also acknowledge that efficient and effective implementation will require coordination, collaboration, and communication within and across ministries, partnerships with civil society, local governments, academia, and external donors.
Date Enacted2023-01-01
Categories(s)Economic Development, E-governance, Poverty Reduction, Climate Finance

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