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Belize Investment Summit 2023

Expected Guests

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Belize’s Private Sector and Key Public Sector Stakeholders


grand caribe, SAN PEDRO TOWN, BELIZE


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What is the Belize Investment Summit?

The Prime Minister's Belize Investment Summit (BIS) was first held in 2021 with the view of attracting and promoting investment for economic development in Belize. The summit is a high-profile event led by the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Finance, Investment, and Economic Development under the theme: “Belize Investment Summit : Endless Opportunities!” and scheduled to be held every two years. It is a call to both local and international investors for identifying opportunities and showcasing Belize’s readiness to support global investment through vastly improved service delivery. The Summit will feature an address by the Prime Minister highlighting the government’s vision on enhanced and strategic investments, presentations from other high-profile international experts, public officials such as Chief Executive Officers, policymakers, and enterprise movers and shakers who together shape the investment climate in Belize. This will be complemented by industry-specific presentations and the opportunity for robust connecting across investment stakeholders through a match-making session. The Summit will allow participants the advantage of in-person networking among investors, government officials, and other key economic agents. Belize presents endless opportunities and is your poised investment destination.

Topics to be discussed





Economic growth

Digital transformation


Guest Speakers

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