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Projects are activities with defined timelines, budgets and outcomes that create improvement in specific areas identified as important to the economic development of Belize.

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Project Name Leveraging Digital Technology for Improving the Business Climate in Belize, BL-T1110
Goal To re-engineer and digitize the delivery of services that are critical to improving the business climate in Belize.
Description Essential to this pilot is reengineering and simplifying processes within the current
regulatory framework and with consideration to upcoming legal reforms. Technology thereafter complements and enhances the streamlining process. Digital technology, such as application programming interface (API), can facilitate end users’ access and interface between government entities, remove the need for lengthy travel and submission of paper documents, and improve intra-agency communication thereby reducing the time taken for approval when multiple agencies are involved.
  1. To design and pilot technological solutions to streamline business processes
  2. To improve the legal and regulatory environment necessary for improving the business environment
  3. To improve awareness of ICT as a solution for supporting business development
Lead Agency Economic Development Council, Public-Private Desk
Key Partners
  1. CITO
  2. Compete Caribbean
  3. Inter-American Development Bank
Project Name Design and Preparation of the Sustainable Development Plan for the Caracol Region, BL-T1088
Goal To create a Sustainable development plan for the Chiquibul, Mountain Pine Ridge, Caracol Region inclusive of a multi-stakeholder Governance Framework.
Description The Government of Belize with the support of the Inter-American Development Bank has initiated the implementation of a Technical Cooperation agreement for the design and preparation of the Sustainable Development Plan for the Caracol Region. The overall objective of this project is to design a Sustainable Development Plan for an area of the Maya Mountain Massif which encompasses the Chiquibul National Park, the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve and the Caracol Archaeological Complex that maintains the long-term contribution of the region to the national economy while balancing land and natural resource use with environmental protection and local livelihoods.
  1. Provide guidance for sustainable investments in target economic sectors
  2. Minimize the indirect environmental and social risks
  3. A Sustainable Development (and Management) Plan for the Chiquibul-Mountain Pine Ridge-Caracol Archaeological Complex
Lead Agency Economic Development Council, Public-Private Desk
Key Partners
  1. Forestry Department
  2. Friends for Conservation and Development
  3. Ministry of National Security (Defense)
  4. Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation
  5. Ministry of Agriculture
  6. Ministry of Sustainable Development
  7. National Institute of Archaeology and Culture

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