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Development Agencies

Youth Business Trust is a non-profit NGO helping young people of Belize between the ages of 18-35 start or expand their own small business

The Department of Co-operatives is committed to the strategic management of human, technical, financial and other resources for the sustainable development of co-operatives as business-oriented units in the socio economic development of Belize.



The purpose of the Corporation is to expand and strengthen the economy of Belize by providing developmental financing on an economically sustainable and environmentally acceptable basis to those individuals or groups of individuals seeking financing for specifically approved purposes including those who would otherwise be unable to fund their requirements from other sources on reasonable terms and conditions.

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Capture Fisheries Unit

The Capture Fisheries Unit (CFU) is the arm of the Belize Fisheries Department responsible for providing the necessary legislative and management interventions to facilitate the continued development and proper management of Belize’s marine fisheries resources.                                                                                                                           Aquaculture & Inland Fisheries Unit

Mission statement of the Aquaculture and Inland Fisheries Unit (AQUIF) guides the overall mission for aquaculture development which reads as follows: “To guide the development of a competitive aquaculture industry while at the same time maintaining the viability of the environment and providing responsible stewardship for inland fisheries resources of the nation as well as the ecosystems that supports them, in order to provide sustainable benefits for Belizeans of present and future Generations”. AQUIF is responsible for the Conservation Compliance Unit (CCU) which is charged with patrolling our national waters ensuring that the fisheries laws of Belize are adhered to.

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CARDI provides a wide range of technical assistance programmes and services throughout the region. These include: project proposals, management services, development of business plans, development of feasibility studies, market research & analysis, post harvest technology, integrated Pest management technology, technical assistance & transfer of technologies, biometrics and information.

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We are committed to the preservation of Belize’s ancient and historical era monuments and artifacts; the exhibition and interpretation of Belize’s documented, photographic and oral history and the promotion of contemporary performing, literary and plastic arts. Through our research and community outreach activities, NICH seeks to help provide access to Belize’s cultural past, present and future.


The Women’s Issues Network of Belize (WIN-Belize) was established in 1993 by a group of women who were actively involved in addressing women’s issues, such as: teenage pregnancy, family planning, economic empowerment, capacity building, and advocacy activities with and on behalf of women. These founding members had previously been loosely organized but were united in one common goal – to work for and to implement objectives that were conducive to the overall development of Belize, including the role, rights and responsibilities of women.


According to the UB Act, the main role of UB is to strive to attain academic, research and service, teaching and professional excellence at the national, regional  and international levels ensuring that its students and graduates have strong, academic, ethical, independent and analytical literacy, numeracy and research capabilities and during and upon completion of their studies, are able to effectively integrate into the society as independent thinkers who are socially conscious and able to contribute to national, regional and international development in their areas of expertise.


Galen University was founded in September 2003 with an initial intake of 14 students and is Belize’s only privately administered tertiary institution. Galen’s first program offerings were Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration, Agriculture and Tourism Management. Programs have now expanded to ten undergraduate degrees and three graduate degrees.  As an independent university chartered by the Government of Belize, Galen has in less than nine years grown its student population to 404 in fall of 2011 and should be increasing beyond 475 in Fall 0f 2012. Galen University offers its own degrees, as well as accredited US degrees from the University of Indianapolis and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

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ITVET exists expressly for the purpose of offering technical and vocational skills training, geared towards training a workforce capable of producing goods and services that are competitive in the global economy. ITVET believes that education is a basic human right that must be guaranteed to all Belizeans, to the highest level of each person’s ability. Each trainee is treated as an individual with unique aspirations, needs and abilities.


The Belize YWCA is mandated to empower women and youth to lead change and has assumed that responsibility of reaching far and near to empower all in order to promote change.  It has been an instrument of change; this change has gradually and directly impacted the nation over the years.

The function of the association shall be to act in cooperation with local voluntary movements and with intergovernmental organizations for improved social and economic conditions an for basis human rights for all people. In time of emergency, to undertake and sponsor humanitarian welfare and relief work in accordance with Christian principles, irrespective of religious, social, political, cultural or racial differences.


The Statistical Institute of Belize is an autonomous body and the country’s national statistical agency. We are the official source of information on Belize’s population, economy, and social conditions.


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