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Government Agencies

Belize Line Ministries

Ministry of Finance and Labour, Local Government, Rural Development, Energy, Public Utilities, Public Service, and Elections and Boundaries


Cabinet SecretaryMr. Carlos Perdomo

Prime Minister Secretary- Ms. Rosalie Sedacy
E-mail: secretarypm@opm.gov.bz

Main Office:
3rd Floor, Left Wing, Sir Edney Cain Building, Belmopan
Tel: +(501)-822-2345 / 822-2346
Fax: +(501)-822-0898 / 822-0071

Press Office
Director – Ag. Dorian Pakeman
E-mail: director@pressoffice.gov.bz

Tel: +(501)-822-0759 / 822-0092 / 822-0094
Fax: +(501)-822-2671
E-mail: info@pressoffice.gov.bz


Financial Secretary – Mr. Joseph Waight
E-mail: joseph.waight@mof.gov.bz

Chief Executive Officer – Ms. Audrey Wallace
E-mail: audrey.wallace@opm.gov.bz

Main Office:
3rd Floor, Right Wing, Sir Edney Cain Building
Ministry of Finance, Belmopan City
Tel: +(501)-822-2362 / 822-2152 / 822-2158 / 822-2169
Fax: +(501)-822-2886
Website: www.mof.gov.bz


LABOUR DEPARTMENT Chief Executive Officer – Mrs. Sharon Young 

Labour Commissioner – Ms. Ann Marie Thompson
E-mail:  labour.comm@labour.gov.bz

Deputy Labour Commissioner – Mrs. Paulette Wagner
E-mail:  deputy.labour.comm@labour.gov.bz 

General Office:
Corner Racoon Avenue & 6129 Brown Streets 
Mountain View Area, Belmopan 
Belize, C.A
Tel: +(501)-802-2297
Fax: +(501)-802-0157


Rural Development

    1. Mr. Ernest Banner
      E-mail:  coord.rural.dev@labour.gov.bz
      Tel: +(501)-802-2297

    Local Development

    1. Director – Mr. Clifford King
      E-mail:  clifford.king@labour.gov.bz
      Tel: +(501)-822-3990


Chief Executive Officer – Dr. Peter Allen
E-mail:  ceo.secretary@mps.gov.bz

General Office:
Ground Floor, North Wing, Sir Edney Cain Building
Tel: +(501)-822-2204 / 822-2205 / 822-3765 / 822-0929 / 822-2230
Fax: +(501)-822-2206
Website: http://www.mps.gov.bz


Chief Elections Officer – Mrs. Josephine TamaiGeneral Office:
Charles Bartlett Hyde Bldg
Mahogany Street Extension, Belize City
Tel: +(501)-222-4992 / 222-4042
Fax: +(501)-222-4991
E-mail:  electbound@btl.net
Website: http://www.elections.gov.bz

Ministry Economic Development, Petroleum, Investment, Trade and Commerce

Chief Executive Officer – Mrs. Sharman Yvonne Hyde 

Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Duane Belise 

General Office:
Ground Floor, Right Wing, Sir Edney Cain Building, Belmopan City
Tel: +(501)-822-2526 / 822-2527 / 822-1495
Fax: +(501)-822-3673
E-mail:  econdev@btl.net 

Department: National Authorizing Office

National Authorizing Officer – Mrs. Sharman Yvonne Hyde

Deputy Authorizing Officer – Mrs. Kathrine Mendez
E-mail:  kathrine.mendez@nao.gov.bz

Tel: +(501)-822-2526 / 822-2527
Fax: +(501)-822-3673
General E-mail:  info@nao.gov.bz
Website: European Commission Website

Ministry Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development and Immigration Services and Refugees

Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Jose Alpuche
Chief Executive Officer – Dr. Percival Cho

General Office:
2nd Floor West Block Building
Tel: +(501)-822-2241 / 822-2242 / 822-2243
Fax: +(501)-822-2409
E-mail: minaf@btl.net
Website: http://www.agriculture.gov.bzThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. “>

Show Grounds:
Tel: +(501)-822-1282 / 822-1283


Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Edmund Zuniga
Acting Director – Mrs. Maria Marin

E-mail:  maria.marin@immigration.gov.bz 

General Office:
Dry Creek St. Mountain View Blvd
Tel: +(501)822-3860 / 822-0739
Fax: +(501)822-2662 

Ministry of Housing & Urban Development

Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Denton Belisle
E-mail: ceo@housing.gov.bz

General Office Belmopan:
2nd Floor, Left Wing, Sir Edney Cain Building
Tel: +(501)-822-1039 / 822-0146
Fax: +(501)-822-3337
E-mail: ministry@housing.gov.bz

Administrative Officer:
Tel: +(501)-822-2425

Finance Officer:
Tel: +(501)-822-2424

Ministry of Education(Science and Technology), Culture, Youth and Sports

Chief Executive Officer – Mrs. Debbie Domingo
Tel: +(501)-822-2329
Fax: +(501)-822-3389
E-mail: moeducation.moes@gmail.com

Chief Education Officer – Mr. Christopher Aird
Tel: +(501)-822-3353
Fax: +(501)-822-3342
E-mail: moeducation@moes.gov.bz

Minister Office:
Tel: +(501)-822-3163
Fax: +(501)-822-0102

General Office:
2nd Floor West Block Building, Belmopan
Tel: +(501)-822-2380 / 822-2698 / 822-3315 / 822-0385
Fax: +(501)-822-3389
E-mail: moeducation.moes@gmail.com
Website: www.moe.gov.bz
Teaching Service Commission Website: www.moe.gov.bz/tsc

Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation

Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Yashin Dujon

General Office:
106 South Street, Belize City
Tel: +(501)-227-2801 / 227-2802
Fax: +(501)-227-2810
E-mail: ceotourism@travelbelize.gov.bz
Secretary E-mail: carolee.waight@tourism.gov.bz

Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation

Chief Executive Officer – Ms. Judith Alpuche
Tel: +(501)-822-2246

Minister’s Office Belmopan:
Tel: +(501)-822-2248
E-mail: secretary@humandev.gov.bz

General Office:
Ground Floor West Block Building
Tel: +(501)-822- 2161/822-2684
Fax: +(501)-822-3175

Admin Officer / Finance Officer:
Tel: +(501)-822-2637

Ministry of National Security

Chief Executive Officer – Col. George Lovell
E-mail: secretary2@defense.gov.bz
Tel: +(501)-822-2817

General Office:
Curl Thompson Building, Belmopan
Tel: +(501)-822-2231 / 822-2817
Fax: +(501)-822-2195
E-mail: minofnatsec@mns.gov.bz

Ministry of Transport and NEMO

Chief Executive OfficerMrs. Ruth Meighan

Tel: +(501)-822-2138
Fax: +(501)-822-0020
E-mail: ceo@works.gov.bz
E-mail: ceo.secretary@works.gov.bz

Minister’s Office

Tel: +(501)-822-2138

General Office Belmopan:
Tel: +(501)-822-2136/2139
Fax: +(501)-822-3282

Ministry of Works

Chief Executive OfficerMr. Errol Gentle

Tel: +(501)-822-2138
Fax: +(501)-822-0020
E-mail: ceo@works.gov.bz
E-mail: ceo.secretary@works.gov.bz

Minister’s Office

Tel: +(501)-822-2138

General Office Belmopan:
Tel: +(501)-822-2136/2139
Fax: +(501)-822-3282

Ministry of Health (NHI, Primary Health Care)

Chief Executive Officer – Dr. Ramon Figueroa

Tel: +(501)-822-2326
Fax: +(501)-822-2942
E-mail: ceo@health.gov.bz

General Office:
2nd Floor, East Block Building, Belmopan
Tel: +(501)-822-2497 / 822-2325 / 822-2363
Fax: +(501)-822-2055
E-mail: seniorsecretary@health.gov.bz
Website: www.health.gov.bz

Minister’s Office:
Tel: +(501)-822-0589

Director of Health Services – Dr. Michael Pitts
E-mail: dhs@health.gov.bz

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Patrick Andrews

Chief Executive Officer – Col. George Lovell

General Office
2nd Floor Nemo Building
Tel: +(501)-822-3789 / 822-2322 / 822-2167
Fax: +(501)-822-2854
E-mail: belizemfa@btl.net
Website: www.mfa.gov.bz

Other Website: www.belizereferendum.gov.bz


International Affairs and Foreign Policy
Director – Mr. Alfonso Gahona

International Affairs Consular Protocol
Chief of Protocol – Ms. Diane Locke

Ministry of Natural Resources

Chief Executive Officer – Mr. Kerry Belisle

Tel: +(501)-822-2630
E-mail: ceo@mnra.gov.bz This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. “>
Website: http://www.mnra.gov.bz/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. “>

Minister’s Office:
Tel: +(501)-822-3286
E-mail: minister@mnrei.gov.bz

General Office Belmopan
Cohune Walk
Tel: +(501)-802-2249 / 802-2711 / 802-2232 / 802-2226 / 802-2307 / 802-2626
Fax: +(501)-802-2333 / 802-2083

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