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A Brave New (Digital) World: The Power of eGovernment

     eGovernment is the new and ambitious way of utilizing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to bring governments closer to the people through major improvements in the delivery of services. Basic services – application for birth certificates, permits and licenses, passports and visas, the filing for payments and refund of taxes, and so on – can be automated and delivered through secure, efficient and cost-effective online portals, digitizing Belize, a nation which currently boasts nation-wide fibre optic connectivity for high speed broadband internet. Many nations, especially the Republic of Estonia being the model in eGovernment, are making strides in their efforts to utilize the power of eGovernment to drive economic and social transformation by transforming themselves into a digital society. These success stories have proven that eGovernment can help governments achieve improved efficiencies and reductions in processes and costs in the delivery of services. By transforming themselves into a digital society, these nations have experienced an exponential growth in GDP, improved data sharing and communication and greater transparency through greater formalization of business activity, increased productivity and greater participation by the people. If this is clearly the way towards economic and social development, then what is the Government of Belize doing to harness the power of eGovernment to transform our paper-based society towards a new and efficient digital society? To learn more on what the Government of Belize is doing visit our Media Room to see our eGovernance mini series.

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The Economic Development Council (EDC) is a public-private advisory body launched in 2011, and is comprised of 10 members including 5 senior representatives from the public sector and 5 senior managers from the private sector. The EDC's focus is driving business climate reforms of public services to improve the ease of doing business in Belize.


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